Bacon and Beer in Madison

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Ironman Wisconsin tip #1: eat at Mickies. As in Mickies Diary Bar, tn_mickeys.jpglocated right across from Camp Randall Stadium at 1511 Monroe St. Check out the run course after eating, it’s right there.The outside is plain, it’s not the sort of place that needs flash to pack them in.

The inside is classic dinner, red vinyl swivel stools bolted to the floor and booths, straight out of the early 1950’s. They even have the original 50’s menutn_blog2_005.jpg and prices posted on the wall. The four of us had the breakfast special, cheese omelet, potatoes, toast, bottomless coffee. Youtn_mickeys2_1.jpg could have a pork chop with it; but since I was racing, I had bacon. Only at Mickey’s could bacon seem to be the healthier option. There’s more than breakfast, the food is real and the people are mid-west nice. It’s a must do.

Ironman Wisconsin tip #2: drink local beer. Pre -race , I had a couple of Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfests


each night (1 1/2 beers night before the race, trying to be healthy). It’s available Aug. – Oct., and in a 12-pack – good for sharing- so look for it race week. I laid in a supply of Capital Brewery’s Fest , another seasonal beer, for post race at the recommendation of team manager Ben Harper. After 140.6 miles and 3 Fests, I was moving slower than Frank Ferrar at midnight, and my day was done. Ben, I need some 3.2% beer suggestions if you want me to throw out hats at the finish. Day after the race and awards, I re-hydrated with more than one New Glarus Brewery’s Fat Squiral and a white brat at a bar on State St. I saw during the run the day before.

Where else but Wisconsin? No place I know.


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  1. Jeanne Roth Says:

    Great report but, how was your race? LOL! I think its great that you made mental notes of food and beer during your race that you wanted to come back too. See, that is why its great to be a little slower sometimes!
    I miss the good Wisconsin beer, now that I live in NY.
    Ben, send me some Leinie’s instead of Gatorade next time, ok?

  2. Brian Schaning Says:

    I would also recommend New Glarus Spotted Cow, great job in the race as well :), you looked good on the run

  3. Ben Harper Says:

    Oakes, you want 3.2% beer….go to Utah!!!! We dont serve micro-beer like that up here is wisco disco. It’s all about the beer, brats, and bacon!

    Nice choice Oakes, Mickey’s Dairy Bar is the BEST!!!!

  4. Conrad Snover Says:

    THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!! Fantastic report Oakes.

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