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This week I interviewed professional triathlete, Justin Daerr. JD started his triathlon career with a 12:55 Ironman in 2001, since then he has dropped a few minutes (and hours) to go 8:37 at Ironman Canada in 2008.

LT: Have you ever run over a prairie dog with your bike?

JD: No, but I hit a dog once on hwy 52. The dog and I both lived.

LT: What would it take for you to race an Ironman in a speedo?

JD: Go check out the photos from IMFL 2003. Apparently it doesn’t take much.

LT: Will you continue to shave your legs after you are retired from the sport?

JD: If I continue to ride: probably. If I don’t continue to ride: probably.

LT: I heard you occasionally sing on your long rides, what is your go to song when the going gets tough?

JD: I have been known to sing a tune or eight on long rides, especially if I ride with Denny. I can recall Denny and I going through a Tesla phase, but most recently I was seen singing NWA on the south boulder bike path while riding to the track. Marilyn McDonald can confirm.

LT: Would you rather have Marky V’s size 16 flipper feet (for super speedy swimming), or a pet squirrel?

JD: Pet squirrel.

LT: What is the silliest excuse/reason/conflict you have ever had for missing a workout?

JD: I couldn’t swim because Scott Carpenter pool was only open for dogs.

LT: Have you ever been arrested? Feel free to elaborate.

JD: No, but not because I didn’t try.

LT: You are known for having great hair, what is your secret?

JD: I take the advice of Pert Plus to rinse and repeat regularly.


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