J.R.’s Training Progressing Nicely

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J.R.’s training has been progressing quite well even though he’s been maintaining quite an extensive travel schedule. We are only seven weeks away from the race so he is really in the meat of his workouts. The trick has been trying to maintain a balance between keeping him metabolically healthy while still making fitness gains.

Through the use of his Timex GPS Run Trainer we have been able to identify what has been working for him. J.R. has been downloading his workouts while on the road and I have been able to see his comments and adjust his workouts depending on what his body is telling him. It has been amazing to see his dedication to the preparation for the NYC Marathon while balancing his family life and work commitments.

We have been pretty consistent working all of his systems in his training.  At this point in his training special emphasis has been placed on strength and up-tempo intervals. Too many marathon runners simply run miles without purpose which often times leads to injury. There is a component for aerobic endurance within J.R.’s training, but that is not our focus seven weeks out. Longer intervals running slightly faster than our goal marathon pace and sustained hill repeats are providing an increase in J.R.’s fitness. These specific workouts are also allowing us to maximize his recovery between sessions.

Only seven weeks out, but J.R. is progressing quite well!




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