Dallas US Open Championships 2012

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I was thrilled to have qualified for this race at CapTexTri.  I have been unable to do it previously because of travel to Kona, but this year I was able to squeeze it in just 4 days before departing to the ITU World Championships in Auckland, New Zealand.  We ended up having the coldest temps in months on race morning.  The water was warm but the air temp was 45.  It honestly made for an absolutely miserable bike for me.  I was happy to be running on the hilly, HILLY run course to finally warm up a stitch. Coming off  illness and given the challenging conditions, I was pleased with my 5th place finish here.  When I returned home, I was ready to hit the ground running to get everything packed up for New Zealand, but the cold on the bike with the wet hair caused my upper body to become extremely immobile Monday morning. Thank goodness for my awesome Massage Therapist, Mary Jo, for rushing me in and for my Champ (Bill) at Specialized PT for the dry needling.  I was up and moving by Tuesday packing like a mad women to leave the states… Thanks Toyota Cup for the opportunity! Enjoy your training =)… www.tristafrancis.com

My Awesome Timex Team mates; Roger Thompson who placed 2nd OA and Daniel Brienza

My Client Zara and I post race!



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