Simple fitness and nutrition tips this month – NO EXCUSES

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I am not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. Physical and mental health are important for maintaining fitness over the holidays. Between less daylight, cooler temperatures and holiday parties working out seems to get harder and takes more dedication.

We all know it’s hard to commit to working out and eating clean during the holiday months. Morning always seems to come too soon. It’s too cold, raining, and too dark out. Working out is just a time suck anyhow because we all know it is next to impossible to get time away from the office, kids or family responsibilities. Eating clean is impossible with the holiday parties and cookie baking.
Now that you have all the complaining and excuses out of the way, think back to summer or a period of time when you felt energized and light. Allow some of that vitality and enthusiasm shine through to the holiday months to help motivate yourself to keep up with activity and nutrition. We all know that getting up and moving toward our chosen fitness and nutrition goal is half the battle.  The good news — exercising and eating clean is a great way to improve your energy levels, boost your mood, and provide a stress relieving outlet during these winter months.
Eat Clean
Clean eating means that you eat  foods that are processed minimally. Whole fruit over packaged fruit. Real potatoes over instant potatoes. Brown rice instead of white rice. Packaged foods are not entirely off limits, but they should have little to no salt and no added sugars. Eating clean will give you lasting energy and a healthy body.
Change your mindset
Clear your mind and relax your body will  provide mental benefits. When you relax, you will feel better and can focus on your goals you want to make happen. You can focus on your TO DO list and learn to cope when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Change Your Routine and Cross Train 
This time of year most of us do not have immediate upcoming events so to keep things interesting switch up your routine every couple weeks will help maintain and even continue to see gains in your fitness as long as you do this consistently. Incorporating multiple activities into your routine.  Your routine should be a wide variety of lateral and standard movements for the best results. Incorporating balance is never a bad idea. Consider joining my challenge / support group and workout with others with P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Combat or other BeachBody program.
Stop making excuses and make time for yourself:  to eat cleaner and exercise moderately and take care of your health.
Happy Holidays!

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