Reflecting on Timex Camp

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As you’ve probably seen from the photos on Facebook and Twitter, the Timex Multisport Team Camp was a blast!  It’s been 2 months and now that some of my teammates are full steam ahead into their race seasons I’ve been reflecting about how much fun it was…

This will be my fourth season on the Timex Team so there are certain things you can count on from our annual pilgrimage to the Timex Performance Center, home to the NY Giants Football Team.

  1. A fantastic group of teammates.  This was the number one reason I went to camp this year.  After I broke my leg and had surgery to put it back together in January, my family and friends assumed I wasn’t planning to go to camp.  I can’t drive, so how would I get there?  And even if I got there how would I get around on crutches, we’re on the move all weekend?  How would I look after myself, my husband has been there to help me with almost everything for my first 2 weeks at home?  And then how would I manage carrying all the cool stuff we get from our sponsors? To be honest, none of these things even crossed my mind!  I have the best teammates in the world.  Without a doubt they would be there for me!  And they were, because most of them have persevered through an injury (or a few!).  They understand the importance of surrounding yourself with people who get it, who support you.  They understand there are some things you need to do for yourself to feel a sense of control and independence but are happy to step in and help any time you need it.  These people are not just my teammates, they’re my second family.  Thanks everyone for making it possible for me to attend!
Hanging out with teammate and fellow cyclocross athlete Erin Kummer

Hanging out with teammate and fellow cyclocross athlete Erin Kummer

Erin and Marie Camp 2013

  1. The best sponsors around.  We are very lucky to have sponsors who are excited to come to camp and educate us on their products.  This year we had time slotted to sit down with Quintana Roo, Shimano Pro, and Blue Seventy.  We learned why these companies offer the best products on the market.  Its always amazing to see how much thought goes into every detail.  How they don’t cut corners like their competition to produce products that last, are aero-dynamic, strong, comfortable and of course hydro-dynamic.  There’s nothing better than using products you truly believe in because the company making them believes in you.

Timex SWAG 2013

  1. Amazing food.  We’re athletes…food is important.  The TPC has some of the best food around with a cafeteria built for…well…Giants!

So I’m really looking forward to following my teammates this season and gaining motivation towards my recovery through their success.  Last week I was able to start partial weight bearing and hopefully in a few days when I have some more X-Rays taken I’ll get the OK to start Physical Therapy.  One step at a time!


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