My Trip to the Mothership!

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When it comes to both triathlon and timepieces, TIMEX is a household name! I have been fortunate enough to race for the Timex Multisport Team now for 4 years. I have met some of the most outstanding individuals in the world. From my first exposure to the company at the NY Giants training facility back in February 2011 to the many races that have occurred these last few years, I have become a raving fan! So with this in mind, perhaps you can understand the joy of emotion I experienced this last Friday when I was invited to the HQ to speak…
First of all, the facility was nothing like I expected. Middlebury, CT is a very small town and Timex calls it home. Brian Daniels was kind enough to serve as my unofficial events coordinator booking all of my travel related activities. I flew into Hartford, rented a car and drove the 60 miles to Middlebury. The hotel I stayed was located about 2 miles from the facility. I scoped it out the night before as I planned my run for early the net morning. The area was extremely remote, again nothing like I expected! When I located the front gates of the Timex driveway, my excitement grew. I couldn’t believe I was actually here and thought “how cool is this!” I was so excited for my speech the following morning,I could barely wait!
My alarm went off at 5:15 and I headed out for a long run. IMCDA is 3 weeks away and today was my only chance for a long run. The night before I managed to find the Rev3 Quassy run course on my iPad and watched the run preview (in addition to our superstar teammate Richie Cunningham taking the ribbon in 2013!) Ritchie’s win fired me up to go run the course but first I had to sleep! By 5:45, I was on the actual race course and man was it challenging! I was loving my early morning as I rehearsed the words I would present in a couple hours. I finished my run with a huge smile, took a quick shower and then drove to Time HQ.
As I pulled in the front gates, I was trying to anticipate what I might see. All I knew was that I was meeting Brian at 8:30! I parked and started walking toward the business. I learned that the building is actually referred to as “THE MOTHERSHIP!” I had no trouble seeing why as the building literally looked like a spaceship! Once again I say, it was nothing like I expected. I walked in the front door and Brian greeted me warmly before giving me the tour. I actually got to see where all the magic happens and I was as excited as I could be. As we made our way back to the entrance, we ran into Pia Baker and Sam Martin and it was great to catch up with them briefly ahead of a conference call. Brian walked me up the stairs to the large open-air office area and I was delighted to see Brigg Thorp, Paul Bernstein and Adrianna Espinosa. What a cool work environment!
Brian showed me to the room where I would speak and then my main man, Tristan Brown walked in with camera in hand. Tristan made the 2.5 hour drive from NYC and I was incredibly grateful to see him. As the room started to fill, Brian took center stage with the mic to deliver his introduction. Before I took the mic, I noticed Maura Williams come in and sit down next to Tristan. I would later learn that Maura just received a huge promotion at Timex and is super excited about her new role. The smile on her face was nothing short of exhilarating. Brian introduced me and I stood up and walked to the front.
I took the mic and immediately went to work! Triathlon is my number one passion in life, but speaking is a close second! Timex invited me to speak to the employees about my personal story for the purpose of inspiring change and overcoming adversity. As I spoke, I read the crowd to watch for reactions so that I might adjust my pitch and speed accordingly. Things were going well as I could see nods and hear laughter. An audience that is anything less than engaged is one that I have not served in my speaking. As I drew my 45 minute talk to a close, I just thought to myself, “it really doesn’t get any better than this.” The presentation I delivered was not about me, but the audience and what they could take away from hearing my personal journey and brush with death.
To summarize my talk today, the take home message was that “Purpose is a Process.” In life, we all have potential. Next we pursue or practice our potential. Following our pursuit, will be pain. After we experience pain, we persevere. Continuing with my theme of “Ps” next is passion and when we find our passion, we will have found our purpose.

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