Chilly Cheeks Duathlon

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February is just about in the books and I am certainly getting excited for the warmer weather and the triathlon season!  The body has been feeling strong and I am itching to get some more races under my belt.  Just this past weekend, I gave it a go at a local Duathlon, one of the more popular (and relatively inexpensive) races in the Denver area.  It was a short 10 mile ride followed by a 4 mile run.  The weather was perfect and roads were dry.  It has been a while since I pushed the pace that hard for 52 minutes, but felt really good.  I placed 3rd overall and was happy to dust off the tri bike and feel some speed!   The topper was having the family there to cheer me on.   Looking forward to Timex camp in Florida in a few weeks.  Again, a huge welcome to all of those who are new to the team!

On a side note -  just received my new AP Pro from Nathan this week and it works fantastic! 



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t2coaching Indoor Triathlon #1

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Whether you are looking to test your fitness or complete your first triathlon, t2coaching Indoor Triathlon Series at the Fort Collins Club will help you reach your goal.

Into our 12th year, the format has changed from a 400 swim, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run to a 15 minute swim, 15 minute bike 15 minute run. ALL INDOORS! Any age group as long as they can reach the pedals on the bike. January 26th attracted the most participants age range 8-65 years old. Experienced t2coaching participants, while others finished their first triathlon.

IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4284 IMG_4287IMG_4290IMG_4292IMG_4294 IMG_4295 IMG_4296

The CSU Triathlon Club volunteers. Everyone wins prize. Either a Timex hats, Powerbar products/hats/socks, Runners Roost and Fort Collins Club swag. Thank you for your support.

IMG_0858 IMG_0859IMG_0862

Next event held February 23rd, 2014!


Richie Cunningham… Keeps on Ticking

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Richie Cunningham Timex 2014


Richie Cunningham returns to the Timex Multisport Team after spending the last five years racking up countless podium finishes and victories.

I was on Team Timex a number of years ago. When I lived in Europe, I always raced in a team environment. I like racing on a team. It kind of makes triathlon not such an individual sport. Timex has put a lot into triathlon and it’s nice to be a part of that. I’ve known Tristan Brown, the team manager for years and have always liked working with him.

Cunningham is red haired speedster from the Gold Coast of Australia and now lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado with wife, 2 dogs and chickens.

Richie has been competing in triathlons for 14 years and makes his living racing at the Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman distance.  His career highlights include a first place finish in the Team Relay World Championships, 2 3rd place and 2 5th place finishes in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and winning the Rev3 Triathlon Series.

Richie was recently (this week) interviewed and featured on Slowtwitch and discussed his physical health, his literal hit and run accident last year, his goals for the 2014 season, doping in triathlon and much more.  Also, Richie was featured on the Endurance Hour Podcast #64 in April of 2013 after winning Ironman 70.3 Texas.  Give it a listen.

VIDEO BELOW: Richie Cunningham Wins Rev3 PDX 2012

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New Timex Athlete, Daniel Bretscher on the Endurance Hour Podcast

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Endurance Hour Podcast with Dave and RogerEndurance Hour Podcast #103 (2.18.14): Feature interview with professional triathlete and first year Timex Multisport Team athlete, Daniel Bretscher plus Dave and Roger discuss the World Triathlon Corporation’s new Transfer Pilot Program, Ironman 70.3 Panama Results, Ironman New Zealand preview, Eats of the Week and details on our Timex and Blueseventy February Giveaway.


Post Race Interview with Daniel Bretscher at 2013 Ironman Wisconsin

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Bretscher Multisports

Daniel Bretscher Blog

North American Ironman Transfer Pilot Program

Ironman New Zealand Preview on Ironman.com

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Metabolic Testing with the KSI team

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I love numbers and I love to break things down and analyze them. Each triathlon season I try to tackle a new variable and learn as much as I can as an athlete and coach. Over the past 14 triathlon seasons I’ve completed several VO2 max tests, sweat loss tests, threshold tests, wind tunnel testing, running stride analysis, and lactate tests.  This season I decided I wanted to dial in on my metabolic efficiency. I have been very fortunate to have worked with the Korey Stringer Institute in the past.  I’ve completed several of the above tests out at the IM World Championships and at the Timex Camp in the NY Giant’s Performance Center under their supervision. Each time I have worked with the professionals from KSI, I have been very impressed with their attention to detail and their thirst for knowledge.  It’s a very friendly staff to work with. That can be important when you are being poked, prodded and hooked up to machines. KSI_maskChris Thomas_1I have been very interested in learning about my metabolic efficiency ever since I returned to the Ironman distance in 2010. I have participated in over thirty five 70.3 distance races and I really have the nutrition aspect down for that distance and for shorter races. However, I have competed in the Ironman World Championship race seven times and I am still trying to figure out the best nutrition game plan for that combination of heat, wind, and humidity. Every athlete is unique. I see this all the time as a coach. Some younger athletes have lower heart rate thresholds than athletes ten plus years older even though in theory the younger athlete should have a higher threshold. There are athletes that can consume whatever they want during a race and their GI systems are totally fine throughout.  While there are other athletes that have very sensitive guts.  I, personally, fall into the later category. 

When I race, I triangulate three factors: heart rate, power, and perceived effort. I know my zones and I test frequently to make sure things are realistic and accurate. However, I have never identified my carb to fat burn ratios. fat_carb_ksiMy goal was to learn about several factors during the testing process. The first factor I wanted to determine was the intensity level that was the most efficient for training.   Percent CHO_Fat_per intensityThe second factor I wanted to learn was how many carbs do I burn while at ironman effort and does kcals CHO_per minmy fat burn rate change as the intensity rises.Kcals Fat_per min 

We built my effort throughout the test until my carb to fat burn rates crossed over. At this crossover point, I was in between my 70.3 and olympic distance effort levels and my combined burn rate was up at twenty calories per minute. Kcals per min_combinedI was definetely ready to get off the bike at that point in the test as I had not been allowed to eat anything in over 6.5 hours. 

While I did have a few hunger pains by the end, I had another great experience testing with the KSI team and I have learned many things that I look forward to using in 2014.


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